Mirumoto Hikuryo 
Mirumoto Hikuryo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1200

Mirumoto Hikuryo was a bushi and duelist of the Dragon Clan.

Moto Bloodline Curse Edit

In 1199 the Phoenix Clan spread the discovery that the Moto bloodline was cursed, drawing ill fortune. Hikuryo pondered the astrological report with Kakita Mitsumichi, whose cousin's wedding was canceled due to her husband-to-be's lineage. Mitsumichi suggested the Dragon had invented it to save face for the broken engagement of their Champion Mirumoto Shikei with Moto Naleesh, and both duelists crossed blades to clean the insult. [1]

Death Edit

In the year 1200 Hikuryo passed through a small Hare village near Toshi Ranbo. He took there a katana he had commissioned to the renowned blacksmith Ujina Tatsuhei. The sword had not been finished, because Tatsuhei had been mauled to death by wild boars, and it was his son, Ujina Shou, who made the joint of the hilt with the steel blade. Shortly after the Imperial sanctioned a ketsuiki duel, a fight to the first blood, to end conflict between Mirumoto Hikuryo and Shinjo Saeki. Despite the greater skills of the duelist, Saeki's blow went truth after Hikuryo's blade slipped right out of his hand, because the braiding had come loose. Her blow had struck him deep in the chest and died. [2]

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