Mirumoto Higaru

Mirumoto Higaru

Mirumoto Higaru was a bushi and kensai of the Dragon Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Higaru was considered a bully, a brute, or even he was called madman once by a Phoenix magistrate. The Dragon samurai was a supporter of Iweko Shibatsu as the next Emperor over the elder Empress' son, Iweko Seiken. [1]

Colonies Edit

Mirumoto Higaru 2

Mirumoto Higaru

Higaru was a warrior of impressive lineage and with many great ancestors who was appointed in the Second City among the Dragon delegation, as yojimbo to Kitsuki Kira. He replaced Mirumoto Taimaro, who had lost much of his vision in his right eye due to the Green Fever. [2]

Defeated Edit

In 1200 Higaru was back in mainland Rokugan, and he was chosen to test if Niten could defeat the Kakita style. Kitsuki Akito and Doji Natsuyo orchestrated the duel, held at the Kakita Dueling Academy, in front of the Kakita Daimyo Kakita Ikura himself. Higaru was defeated by Kakita Shinichi, suffering the harsh words of the winner and the mockery of Kakita Iwari, a jester witnessing the duel. [3] Higaru realized that failure was completely his own, lost because he was fighting without Niten. Higaru recorded all his thoughts in Failure, My Sensei. The writings were so popular that had repaired his reputation somewhat, and even his Lord, Mirumoto Shikei, ordered that every student of Niten would carry a copy at all times. [4]

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