Mirumoto Hakahime 
Mirumoto Hakahime 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1171

Mirumoto Hakahime was a bushi Master scout of the Dragon Clan who attained enlightenment.

War of the Rich Frog Edit

Mirumoto Hakahime 2

Mirumoto Hakahime

In 1166 Hakahime was a member of the scout forces led by Mirumoto Arai who fought in the War of the Rich Frog under the command of Mirumoto Kei. [1] Hakahime ambitioned to serve as an officer. In the war she suffered a grievous wound, an arrow in the throat. It very nearly killed her, but recovered. Hakahime accepted that her place had been chosen, and that the Fortune's had spared her for a reason. [2]

Enlightenment Edit

Hakahime had a remarkable habit of appearing only to report on the Dragon's enemies, then vanishing back into the field. She was assumed to be killed several times, but in fact always survived. Some said her brushes with death changed her, but only a few ever got close enough to her to know how. [3] In 1168 a Wanderer approached her during the War of Silk and Steel, who after listened to her story concluded she was wise. [2]

War of Dark Fire Edit

In the winter of 1170, Hakahime, attached as a scout to the Fourth Imperial Legion under the command of Hida Tonoji, was the first to discover the destruction of the Northern Towers of Flame. Learning that a small force of yobanjin had crossed the border from the dying Mirumoto Jairuzu, Tonoji temporarily promoted her to Taisa and allowed her to lead the other Dragon Clan legionnaires to find those invaders, in an unofficial capacity.

The detached Dragon troops trailed and attacked the raiders as they were in the very act of destroying a Dragon village. Hakahime became injured when one yobanjin burst into flame as she killed him, She had been attempting to rescue the village's magistrate and the Yobanjin had... exploded as she plunged her katana into him, bearing out Jairuzu's dying words that she “Must not… kill them. Shoot… shoot them.” [4]

Death Edit

In 1171 during a fight with the yobanjin she suffered the heat and fire of the enemy. Apart of damging her hands and face the slung were beyond recovery. She offered volunteer for a suicidial mission. A Shugenja had prepared posioned supplies within the city, to kill the main yobanjin force arriving. Hakahime had to deal with the raiders scouts, and with aid of the Crab magic she produced an earthslide which destroyed the raiders advanced party. [5]

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