Mirumoto Gonkuro

Mirumoto Gonkuro

Mirumoto Gonkuro was a bushi and duelist of the Dragon Clan who achieved enlightenment.

Student Edit

Mirumoto Gonkuro 2

Mirumoto Gonkuro

Gonkuro was one of the finest students of Mirumoto Rosanjin. [1]

Enlightenment Edit

Gonkuro should have been born a Lion. Many had said this, although for different reasons. Those who knew him as a samurai respect his devotion to Bushido and military tactics. Those who knew him from the fields of war feared his boundless fury in battle. Was it this singular focus as a warrior that had brought the secrets of enlightenment to him, or was the quiet conversation he had with a simple man called the Ronin that had changed him so? None could say for certain, but the Crane learned to fear his name during the War of Silk and Steel. [2]

Enhanced abilities Edit

Gonkuro enlightenment gave him a special communion with the Void. He could visualize the immediately future and foresaw the outcome of a course of actions. If the result was not satisfactory, he began again, chosing another path. He did it until the serie of actions to achieve the desired final was found. [3]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1172 Gonkuro used his special abilities during the Destroyer War. He managed to kill twenty yobanjin of the Army of Fire and survive the threat of the barbarian self-destruction when killed. [3]

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