Mirumoto Gengyo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1165, Month of the Ox [1]

Mirumoto Gengyo was a bushi Imperial Legionnaire of the Dragon Clan who was exiled and became a Yobanjin leader.

Legionnaire Edit

Gengyo was a lieutenant of the Dragon Imperial Legion under the command of Mirumoto Junnosuke. When Junnosuke was outcasted from the Clan in 1159 Gengyo exiled himself too. [2]

Yobanjin Edit

Gengyo found a place among his former enemies, the Yobanjin, came to lead the Sons of The Mountain Tribe, and sought vengeance against the Empire. Gengyo convinced the Mountain Tribe that they might unite the rest of Yobanjin tribes and forge a Yobanjin nation worthy of respect. They attemptted to gain the favor engineering a significant victory against their southern neighbors, the Phoenix who were quite vulnerable of late due to the Bloodspeaker attacks. He was trading Yoritomo Chimori Yobanjin treasures for food and weapons but the operations were exposed in 1165 by the Emerald Champion Yasuki Hachi. Gengyo was killed in a duel with Hachi at Aramasu's Pride. [2] [1]


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