Mirumoto House Guard

A Mirumoto Elite Guard

Mirumoto Elite Guard were charged with defending the heartland of the Dragon Clan, the Mirumoto House Guard used orthodox tactics to throw their enemies into disarray. [1]

Ranks Edit

Membership was an honorary position granted only to those bushi who excelled at both the martial and spiritual training of the two sword technique. More often than not, the Elite Guard would be assigned to guard the important holdings of the Dragon Clan, but other times they would travel as normal bushi, claiming no honor or glory for their title outside of Dragon lands. [2] So harsh were the requirements to become member of the House Guard, that there are never more than a hundred at a time. [3]

Destroyer War Edit

Mirumoto Narumi commanded the Mirumoto Elite Guard during the Destroyer War. [4] In 1172 a yobanjin unit of the Army of Fire was repeled near Shiro Kitsuki by the Elite Guard. [5] Later they halted an oni attack, alongside the Mukami's Legion, [6] and later to close a portal to Sakkaku, killing the majority of the Orochi that came from it. [7] The Shadow Blades accompanied the Elite Guard to quell the conspiracy leaders who had planted the insidious idea that the Togashi had working together with the Army of Fire. Kitsuki Investigators and the Scorpion exposed that former agents of the Shadowed Tower, destroyed by the Scorpion, had instilled this theory in the peasantry in retribution, and they targeted the clan's closest allies, the Dragon. [8]A portal to Sakkaku was closed by the Lioness Legion, Daidoji Iron Warriors, and the Elite Guard. [9] They were aided by the Legion of Flame against another yobanjin attack. [10]

Known Members Edit

Mirumoto Iyeasu

Mirumoto Elite Guard

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Mirumoto House Guard

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