Mirumoto Ekai was a shugenja on duty with his Dragonfly cousins at Kyuden Tonbo.

Copying scrolls Edit

Ekai was not permitted to attend the Setsuban Festival Tournament, where shugenja from all the Empire gathered to demonstrate their prowess. The caravan with the winner tournaments's award, an important scroll cache, had to pass Kyuden Tonbo on its route toward the Ki-Rin's Shrine, so he decided to break open the cache of scrolls and copy as many of them as he could. Ekai managed to do it when the cache's keeper, Iuchi Taiga, was sleeping nearby. As soon as Taiga awoke he noticed the cache had been opened an began to question who had dared do it. The Dragonfly Clan Champion's son, Tonbo Sodan, was greatly embarrased by the incident. [1]


  1. Code of Bushido, p. 10

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