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Mirumoto Daisuke

Mirumoto Daisuke

Mirumoto Daisuke was a cavalry bushi of the Dragon Clan, gunso of the elite Dragon's Flame Archers. [1]

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

Daisuke was small and lean, with quick eyes and a narrow, sad face. [2] He was both a warrior and a philosopher, who had embraced the Tao, finding that the wisdom contained within could be applied to battle. Daisuke was a quiet man who preferred to commune with the monks at Yokuni Seido. [1]

Spirit Wars Edit

Daisuke was a veteran of the War of Spirits serving in the Spirit Armies under Agasha Tamori. The bushi had nightmares since this time because of the horror he saw and performed. [2]

Naseru Edit

Daisuke somehow owed his life to Hantei Naseru. He would repay it if he could, but would rather ask his lord for seppuku than comprimise his clan to repay the debt. [3]

War of Fire and Snow Edit

Daisuke was a gunso of the Dragon when the Dragon-Phoenix War began. He hated the war and to fight again to the Phoenix Clan, to whom he had caused much pain before. [2] When the war continued he changed and wanted the total destruction of their enemies. [4]

Dark Oracle of Fire Unleashed Edit

Daisuke fought alongside Togashi Nyima and Hitomi Hogai in an engagement against the Phoenix that ended with Tamori, Dark Oracle of Fire, showing up in disguise as Shiba Aikune and wrecking havoc on the Dragon army, leaving the three men as the only survivors. They were saved by the intervention of Osano-Wo, who explained Tamori's deception and told them to construct a shrine dedicated to Hida Yakamo, Lord Sun, in order to gain his assistance against Tamori. [2]

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