Please note: This article is about the founder of Mountain's Wrath Dojo. For other uses of the term, please see Arimi (disambiguation).

Mirumoto Arimi was founder and first sensei of the Mountain's Wrath Dojo.

Station Edit

After his gempukku Arimi was assigned to a guard posting at Shiro Mirumoto. There a Yasuki maiden taught him about Determination, part of the Shourido philosophy, and Arimi decided to go to undergo a Musha Shugyo. [1]

Warrior Pilgrimage Edit

The ronin Arimi moved to the Kaiu Wall, won many battles, and studied under the wing of several Crab sensei. Arimi's lessons evolved into an entirely new and uniquely Dragon style, using knowledge of terrain to turn the Dragon Mountains themselves into a weapon. [2]

Sensei Edit

In 1168 Arimi founded the Mountain's Wrath Dojo at Water Hammer City. He taught the mountain contained weapons other than steel, how to make rocks and snow slide down the side of a mountain, or how to lure opponents into favorable terrain. [3]

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