Mirumoto Akohime 
Born: Unknown 
Titles: Sensei of the Victory of the Living Blade Dojo

Mirumoto Akohime was the sensei of the Victory of the Living Blade Dojo, but you would not think it to look at her. Akohime was short, stooped with limbs wizened with age. Despite her appearances she had lost little of the fire and strength of her youth. She spoke little of her past, but it was known that she was a skilled warrior, and fought at the Battle of Oblivion's Gate in 1133, and a dozen prominent battles since. She was always recognized for her bravery, but cared little for glory, and the knowledge that her sword seved justice was enough. This humility and skill made her Mirumoto Daimyo Mirumoto Uso's choice for the position as sensei of the dojo. [1]

Preceded by:
Mirumoto Uso
Master Sensei
(c. 1159)
Succeeded by:


  1. Way of the Samurai, p. 35

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