Mirumoto's Daisho were the blades of Mirumoto. The daisho could only be wielded by a Mirumoto, and non-Mirumoto were not even able to draw them from their saya. [1]

History Edit

Mirumoto Edit

When Mirumoto, the First Dragon Thunder, set off with Shinsei to face Fu Leng, he knew that he would not return, and left behind his legendary daisho. [2]

Divided Edit

In 1132 Shinjo carried the katana into the Celestial Heavens along with the other Ancestral Swords, [3] while the wakizashi remained in Hitomi's hands. After her ascension the Brotherhood of Shinsei housed the wakizashi in Mirumoto Hojatsu's shrine within the Shrine of the Seven Thunders. [4]

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