Mirror of Dueling Souls
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Mirror of Dueling Souls was a nemuranai which allowed to begin a duels of souls. It was from unknown origin. [1]

Appearance Edit

The mirror was flat and round, set in a carved wooden frame. The reflecting surface had a strange, pearlescent color to it. [1]

Abilities Edit

When two hostile individuals stared at each other's reflections within it, the two immediately begin a duel, not of body, but of soul. Many who engaged in such duels underwent remarkable personality changes. The duel revisited a past experience of the duelist and one the opponents tried to change the experience to a worse outcome, while the host attempted to repeat it or to come out better. Once a memory had been defended, changed or improved, the scene shifted to the other duelist's memory, and the process repeated with different host. It was theorized the best compromise was to mantain the outcome the same. [1]

Known duels through the mirror Edit


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