The Ministry of Defense and Justice, also known as the Fourth Ministry, [1] was part of the Ivory Court and enforced the law of the Colonies, with the Ivory Champion at its head. It was made up of the Colonies' magistrates, the Second City Guardsmen, appointed judges, and the personal retinue of the Ivory Champion. The position was originally created by the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Otomo Suikihime, to whom they served. [2]

Duties Edit

This ministry was in charge of cartography, with the Imperial Explorer falling under its authority, the military defense of the Colonies, the enforcement of the Governor's decrees, maintaining the public peace, and all other matters of law and justice, including trial and punishment. Minor tasks included the regulation and training of horses, the training of drummers and military couriers, and maintaining accurate maps of the lands within the Colonies' borders. The Ministry of Taxation was directly dependent upon this Ministry. [2]

Known Ministers of Defense and JusticeEdit

Shinjo Tselu 1198 - Present


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