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Minikui no Oni

Minikui no Oni

Minikui no Oni was an oni of the Shadowlands.

Appearance Edit

Minikui no Oni were solitary demons who wandered the Shadowlands in search of weaker monsters to kill and challenge any strong oni in their path. They were tall, with pale-green skin, and used their long claws in combat. The four arms grappled their victims and brought them to their mouth to bite. A human face was twisted by a huge maw with razor-sharp teeth. Their collarbones and parts of their ribs protruded from the skin and pulsed with a dark red glow, the weakest points of the demon. [1]

Appearance in Lion Lands Edit

In 1199 a Minikui no Oni was summoned in the Lion lands by a descendant of the defunct Shimizu family. Seventy-eight of our peasants perished in its rampage, before the scout Ikoma Jeiku warned of its presence. Eighteen Lion samurai were lost before the oni was defeated. [2] The Lion's ire turned to the Crab Clan, blaming the demon had trespassed their lines unnoticed. [3]

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