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Mineko (daughter) 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Mineko

Mineko was the okasan of the House of the Evening Star. Floating Village's reputation for producing the some of the finest geisha in the Empire was largely due to her geisha house, the most profitable in the Empire. Mineko took her mother's name both out of devotion to her. [1]

Mother Edit

Her mother was the previous okasan of the geisha house, which was named House of Spring Flowers at that time. Shiba Odoshi, a Shiba general, was one of the geisha house's most notable patron. Eventually her mother began to fall in love with him, responding to his kind and humble nature. When in 1132 Odoshi came to Hitomi's side to rise into the Celestial Heavens as the Evening Star, her mother was heartbroken and did not take food or drink since Odoshi left. She died, and the geisha house was renamed the House of the Evening Star, in her memory and that of her beloved. [1]

Okasan Edit

Her mother had raised Mineko on tales of great Shiba generals, and she was in awe of the samurai. She had run the Evening Star since 1149 and had only improved the house's reputation. Mineko did all she can to ensure all within her building were pleased even when there was no immediate cash reward. Mineko protected herself from the machinations of the other geisha houses and was often called "Sakura" for her delicate and beautiful purity, happy to be admired by the samurai of the Phoenix. [1]


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