Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Ochi'kir, two un-named siblings

Min'kir was a nezumi of the Squeaky Eyeball Tribe who after his death became a Transcendent. [1]

War of the Lost Pups Edit

Min'kir was one of the four litters found by scouts of the Squeaky Eyeball Tribe beneath the corpses of his parents. The tribe took in the pups, as their dead father had been a member before he was exiled for hoarding food. The Tattered Ear Tribe claimed that the pups were the children of an exile of their tribe and should be returned to them. Upon the refusal of the Squeaky Eyeball the War of the Lost Pups began. The war ended when it was agreed to place two of the pups with each tribe. [1]

Revered and Transcendent Edit

These pups went on to serve as elders in each tribe, and were responsible for healing the rift. Ochi'kir of the Tattered Ear and Min'kir of the Squeaky Eyeball were remembered by both tribes for their wisdom, and both were among the ranks of the mysterious Transcendent. [1] The sisters were known as the Twins, always appearing as one communal being, and shared the same desires and goals. Their domain was the maintenance of peace among the Nezumi tribes. They guided many Nezumi to greatness, but had also sent just as many proud warriors to their doom. [2]


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