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Military District (Second City)

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Military District (Second City)

Military District

The Military District was a huge rectangular fortification which completely encircled the Old City. [1]

Purpose Edit

It housed the guardsmen of the Second City, located in its southwestern part. [2] The wall that was built designed to withstand a siege, surrounded the Military district within it. [3] Reinforced towers were located at the corners and at the four gates, with Siege Engines on top of the walls. Four sets of gates gave access to the Imperial District. [4] At the southern edge of the district the Unicorn kept a great number of their horses and the bulk of their barracks. [5]

Dark Naga Assault Edit

In 1199 Dark Naga forces assaulted the city, and the Shakash led the serpents against the Military District, [6] breaching the eastern wall of the Imperial District. [7]

Notable Locations Edit

Military District (Second City) 2

Military District

The narrow streets of this District were crowded with barracks, stables, dojo, and all other manner of buildings which supported war and security. [8] The following is a list of the most notable of these buildings:

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