Born: Unknown 
Died: 1130

Doji Mikio was a bushi yojimbo who followed Toturi the Black as his personal bodyguard, and left the Crane Clan becoming Mikio after the Scorpion Coup.

Duelist Student Edit

Mikio an exceptional duelist. He moved swiftly through every kata and rose quickly through the ranks of Kakita Toshimoko's students. For years he was a friendly rival of Doji Hoturi. Unlike his rival, he favored the way of the sword over etiquette and social niceties. Because of this, he often stumbled in court. Hoturi tried to help him learn these arts but failed, and it seemed that Mikio would only ever be a simple warrior. [1]

Yojimbo Edit

He accepted his limitations and became the yojimbo to the Doji family ambassador to the Badger Clan. When tensions grew between the Lion and Crane Clans, Hoturi became concered that one day he or another Crane would battle his childhood friend Akodo Toturi. He would not abandon his clan to do this, so he sent Mikio to protect Toturi. [1]

Yojimbo to Toturi Edit

Toturi assigned Mikio as captain of his personal guard, and Mikio was always by Toturi's side as his personal champion. He stepped forward to duel three separate Crane challengers seeking Toturi's head. In Toturi, Mikio saw everything he was not. [1]

Toturi's Army Edit

Mikio 2

Mikio, Toturi's bodyguard

After the Scorpion Coup Hoturi invited Mikio back to his service. Mikio replied, "Can I leave him now, when he needs me more then ever?" When all of the Lion stopped following Toturi, Mikio remained by his side refusing to leave, becoming merely Mikio, a ronin alongside Toturi the Black. [1] Alongside Dairya and Otomo Yayu they became the first three followers of Toturi the Black. [2]

Death Edit

After the Clan War, Mikio remained as one of Toturi I's bodyguards. In the Month of the Hare, 1130, Mikio was found dead in the chambers of his Emperor, who was now missing. [3] [4] He had been slained by the Goju. [5]

After Death Edit

Mikio 4


After his death Mikio patroled the Spirit Realm of Maigo no Musha alongside his kin Asuma. [6]

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