Born: 1108 
Died: 1120

Mikato was an orphan eta who lived at Sunda Mizu Mura.

Childhood Edit

When Mikato was five his father was killed by a samurai, and he never forget the scene. He began to work as a tanner. [1]

Master Edit

He became the apprentice of a minor Maho-tsukai, Isawa Kinto. [2] Mikato never truly believed in the power of maho but he noted Kinto's desire to pass his knowledge on, and felt he could exploit the weakness. [3]

Porcelain Mask Edit

In 1120 Kinto managed to own a powerful mask, and moved to the Crab, in a journey to deliver the Mask to his master. Mikato saw an opportunity and stole several belongings of Kinto, leaving him behind. Kinto was tracked down by Asahina Yajinden himself, who was seeking the Mask, and brutally killed when Kinto could not give the Mask to him. [2]

Death Edit

Mikato took refugee in the Friendly Grasshopper, but he was caught by a group of samurai who investigated the death of his former Lord. Mikato claimed innocence, but the samurai turned him over to the authorities. The next morning Mikato was found dead, having swallowed his own tongue. Actually Yajinden had managed to kill him, with Kinto's murder placed firmly on his head. [4] He was twelve years old at that time. [5]

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