The Mikata were the original Ogres who came to Rokugan from the North in order to defeat the Champion of Evil. After being cursed by Fu Leng, the once proud Mikata turned to the Ogres of today. [1]

A New Mikata Edit

With the defeat of Fu Leng after the Second Day of Thunder, a tribe of Free Ogres began to form, adopting their ancient name. They respected strength, so they joined forces with Daigotsu and the Tsuno when they come to preminence. However, the Mikata, led by their overlord Kayobun started to mistrust the Dark Lord when he freed Fu Leng from Meido in 1159, as it was the Ninth Kami who once had first destroyed the Ogre civilization and reduced them to mindless slaves, and they had no wish to return to such state again. Later that same year, when the Crab retook five of the six towers of the Kaiu Wall, Kayobun offered to switch the Mikata allegiances to the Crab, which resulted in failure. [2]

Mikata, the Tsuno Term Edit

Tsuno claimed Mikata was an archaic term of their language, meaning "those who fight beside the race." Other Free Ogres viewed these new Mikata as Tsuno slaves, so they frequently clashed. Under the Tsuno the Mikata learned techniques, and discipline. The Mikata were also better armed than most ogres, and had mastered rudimentary swordplay. They claimed a small area in the City of the Lost, and were employed as shock troops in attacks against the Kaiu Wall, or as guards for the pathways the Tsuno used when traveling between the Spirit Realms and ``Ningen-do]]. [3]

Switching Alliances Edit

In 1165, when Daigotsu was dethroned by Iuchiban, the Mikata led by Kayosai left his service. [2]

Mikata leaders Edit

The following are the known leaders of the Mikata:

Muhonarak Pre-calendar
Muhomono Pre-calendar
Kayobun  ? - 1159
Kayosai  ? - ?


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