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Born a ronin, Mikaru once had dreams of becoming a hero.

Mercenary in Falcon lands Edit

He found himself in the lands of the Falcon Clan and was placed at a watch tower at the edge of Shinomen Forest. When all the other ronin left or transfered out of boredom, he was left in charge due to seniority. This was the chance he had waited for. [1]

Naga hunter Edit

Mikaru 2


A scout reported that snakes as big as horses were coming from the forest and then Mikaru could see them. Three Naga the size of childern emerged form the forest unarmed. Mikaru had them killed, saying it was a trick and dispatched the scout to send word to the Falcon. Mikaru looted the corpses of their riches of pearls and gold. The next morning the tower was attacked by the Naga and all were killed but Mikaru. He was sent away by a Naga with blazing red eyes, with a warning for the rest of the humans. "Warn them what happens to those who sssslaughter the Naga." Upon returning to the Falcon Clan, he was cast out with the promise that no clan, Great or minor, would ever accept his failure. Mikaru now hunted and killed all Naga he came in contact with. [2]

Forest-Killers Edit

Since that day, Mikaru found a home with the brutal Forest-Killers, using their teachings in his personal crusade. [3] Mikaru became their leader and used them as a tool to exact revenge on the Naga. [4]

Death Edit

Mikaru was slain by the Balash, [5] his sworn enemy. [1] Another accounts said Mikaru got his prize, wearing a new sash tanned from the Balash's hide. [4]

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