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Born: 1100 
Died: Unknown

Miharuko was a geisha and secret member of the Kolat conspiracy.

Geisha Edit

Miharuko found fascinating the samurai culture and sought to be beside the finest samurai of the Empire. She perfected a method of extracting information and favors from them, specialized in luring out the emotions of samurai, robbing them of will and sense; to break them, making them her emotional slaves. [1]

Kolat Edit

In 1123 Miharuko was a young and beautiful woman of twenty-three years who worked in a tea house in the Imperial City, the Field of Sharp Returns, owned by Ryoju. Miharuko had joined the kolat, who remained in contact with her through a number of her recurring customers. Miharuko was the hub of Kolat activity in Otosan Uchi. Other agents as the Chisei district's governor Kakita Foruku reported to her as well. [1]

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