Migawari was a shugenja and bloodspeaker of the shadowlands.

Iuchiban Edit

In the Third Rise of Iuchiban in 1165 Migawari was a servant of the Heartless. Migawari fought in the Siege of Gisei Toshi. [1]

Shameswords Edit

Migawari and Hida Horii tortured Kokujin Kobai in the Twilight Mountains in an attempt to learn about the Shameswords. In 1166 Kobai was released by Mirumoto Narumi and Kuni Yaruko after a fight where the bloodspeakers were wounded. [2]

Blood Hunt Edit

This year Migawari was at Otosan Uchi when Iuchiban died. He became mad and killed anything he met in the streets, even his fellow Tokken, who died after Migawari fired a spell without checking to whom. Shosuro Yudoka ambushed him and was subdued by the Scorpion. He withdrew a series of small, straight daggers and pinned all of the sorcerer's limbs to the ground, to began the questioning. Migawari tore his arms free from the ground. His flesh and muscle was shredded in doing so, and summoned his power to take him away. [3]

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