Born: Unknown 
Died: 1130 
Titles: Member of the Council of Twelve

Midnight was one of the true ensouled Ashalan, a sahir, and member of the Council of Twelve. [1]

Council of Twelve Edit

Midnight was member of the ashalan ruling group, the Council of Twelve. In 1130 it was known as the Council of Four because only four of the original remained. [1]

Kaleel's return Edit

In 1130 Midnight got the knowledge that the wicked jinn Lord Kaleel would return form his slumber after the prophecy called the Awakening was fulfilled. The Ashalan should know it and prepare to fight Kaleel. [1]

Chased Edit

Midnight was chased by a jinn assassin of the Kaleel's Legion, sent after him to prevent the message he carried from ever reaching his home, the City of the Seventh Star. The child of the smokeless fire would murder any and all who come in contact with him. During the chase Midnight entered in a house of a Dahabi Merchant, Hakim Yamen, and together fled to enter the sewers. [1]

Death Edit

Before they reach their destination the jinn and Midnight were locked in mortal combat. He was mortally wounded and passed his soul and knowledge to Hakim. The Dahabi enpowered by the experience fought and consumed the jinn. [1]

"Tell them... the Awakening... Kaleel comes..."
-Midnight's Last Words [1]

Legacy Edit

Somehow the Children of Midnight, the Ashalan sahir school of priests, was linked to him. [citation needed]


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