High Tree Village

High Tree Village (CB7)

High Tree Village (CB7) was located high in the Twilight Mountains, [1] within the Midakai province. [2]

Name Edit

Its dwellers only saw the Crab lands below them when the tallest treetop peeks through the thick fog that perpetually shrouded the foothills — thus the name. [1]

Mining Town Edit

Primarily an iron mining town, [1] few women or families that actually lived here, and the populace mosty constisted of the samurai and heimin that worked the mine. Some said the spirit of the Twilight Mountains, the Shakoki Dogu would sometimes haunt the village at night, inhabiting floating lights that flashed throughout the mountains. Few villagers were willing to travel deeper into the mountains, and none walked alone at night, not even in the village streets, and certainly not in the mine. [3]

The Pit Edit

Near the outskirts of Midaki sano Mura was a deep chasm with walls far too sheer for anyone to descend into it. At least a ton of debris was dumped into the chasm each month, yet somehow, it had never been filled. Somewhere deep in the chasm was a passage into one of the Spirit Realms. [4]


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