Michita Yasumi

Hopeful Rest City (P10)

The Hopeful Rest City (P10) was a small city in the center of Phoenix lands, [1] within the Kyuukai province. [2] Bustling with trade from the Crane, Dragon and northern Phoenix lands it was where young shugenja often sought a Phoenix patron who could grant them access to the Isawa Libraries. [3] It was the only true city under Asako control. [4]

Michita Yasumi Market Edit

The Asako disliked the very idea of commerce, and gave no name to the city market. The merchants nicknamed it "The Invisible Market" and "Yasumi's Shadow." It was the center of trade to and from the Isawa and Asako lands. Yobanjin goods were traded there in the black market. [4]

Kanjiro library Edit

The Kanjiro Library was built in the 9th century. As Michita Yasumi grew in size, the governor Asako Kanjiro ordered a large library to be built to store all the knowledge spread in smaller ones. When the building was finished, Kanjiro was already dead, and it was named in his honor. The city's northwest corner became known as the Kanjiro District. The library was also a large temple and became one of the largest repositories of knowledge in Phoenix lands. [5]

Dojo Edit

A small shugenja dojo was founded within the library. It served as a testing ground for those who petition to attend the Isawa and Asako schools. If they showed true talent were invited to attend a Phoenix school. [6]

War of Dark Fire Edit

In 1171 after the Siege of White Oak Castle the city was in risk of being attacked by the yobanjin Army of Fire, and was being preemptively evacuated. The libraries there were too large for any hope of relocation on such short notice and the Shiba planned to defend them. [7]

Destruction Edit

The minions of the Dark Oracle of Fire infiltrated the city to find sensible information in the Kanjiro library. A Hiruma group had tracked down the yobanjin and released his prisoner, the Hiruma Daimyo Hiruma Todori, who told of the yobanjin quest. Hiruma Tama burned the library down around herself to deny Chosai what was he seeking. [7]


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