Mich'nuk was a Nezumi thief of the Grasping Paw Tribe.

Appearance Edit

Mich'nuk was marked by the unfortunate deformities that haunted the bloodline of the Grasping Paw; his skull was large and deformed, his ears long and pointed, and his body was nearly hairless. [1]

Thief Edit

Mich'nuk was secretly one of the most respected thieves of his tribe, as he possessed great talent in extracting treasures without drawing notice. Mich'nuk had stolen a gem from the bowl on the Kappa King's head, and once, he snuck into the kitchens of Kosaten Shiro and stole the dinner of the Crane chieftain. [1]

Secret Dream as Chef Edit

Mich'nuk wished to become a chef. Ever since his visit to the luxurious Crane palace, Mich'nuk had been fascinated with Rokugani cuisine. He had learned as much as he could, trading bits of treasure to samurai in return for culinary pointers. The tribe knew nothing of his quest, for Mich'nuk believed they would not understand. In the meantime, Mich'nuk prepared excellent nigiri sushi. [1]

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