Created by: Togashi
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Unused at Shiro Shiba

Mezameru, the Ancestral Armor of the Phoenix Clan, [1] was an ancient and powerful nemuranai. It was created in the fires of Sleeping Thunder Mountain [2] by Togashi and given to the Phoenix Clan. [3]

Appearance Edit

It was a suit of steel plate and silk. [3]

Ritual Edit

The armor was kept not by the Phoenix Clan Champion or the Shiba family, but by the Council of Five. On the rare occasions that the Phoenix Clan marched to war, the Champion's first duty was to appear before the Council and receive the armor. The armor always fit perfectly to the Champion and cannot be removed except by him. [2]

Powers Edit

The armor was surrounded by a protective sphere of Void. Within ten feet of the armor, no spell could be cast, and the no spell effects could penetrate it unless the wearer allowed it. The wearer could choose to allow any spell effect to penetrate, particularly beneficial spells, but it had to be a conscious decision. The armor also allowed the wearer to sense the Void, as if he were a trained Ishiken. [2] The armor only could be removed by its bearer's will or death, and it fitted itself perfectly to the body. [3]

Remaining at Ningen-do Edit

When Shiba Tsukune ascended to the Celestial Heavens to become the Fortune of Rebirth, she did not carry the Ancestral Armor of the Phoenix with her. It was left near the Shrine of the Ki-Rin. When the shrine was seized by the Dragon during the War of Fire and Snow, a group of samurai retrieved the armor and placed the nemuranai in the hands of the Shiba family, which kept it at Shiro Shiba. [4]

External Links Edit

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