RPG Information (FFG) Edit

Rings represent a samurai's general outlook and natural talent. [1]

RPG Information (AEG) Edit

The characters have a valor for each of the elements, to identify their attunement to each of them. [2]

  • Ring of Earth: represents passive strength, resistance, and fortitude. The two Traits of this ring are Stamina and Willpower
  • Ring of Water: represents strength. The two Traits of this ring are Strength and Perception
  • Ring of Fire: represents activity, motion, action and force. The two Traits of this ring are Agility and Intelligence
  • Ring of Air: represents all the forces that are not seen, but are known to be present; the element of storms, subtlety and unpredictability. The two Traits of this ring are Reflexes and Awareness
  • Ring of Void: represents the character's ability to use all Rings as a single Ring, understanding that all elements are the same element.


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