RPG Information Edit

Name Rank

Nezumi characters have a Name Rank which indicates the power of their Name. Greater deeds mean greater name. [1]

  • Nameless: the character is hardly a Nezumi. Either his actions are foolish and troublesome, or he cares nothing for his kind.
  • Soiled Name: the character is erratic, a bit touched in the head.
  • Good Name: the character does what is right for the tribe, but not always. Though he fails from time to time, he usually tries to act appropriately.
  • Great Name: the character had great strength of character, and places the needs of the tribe before his own as much as possible.
  • Legendary Name: the character is deep-set in his sense of self and purpose. He always put the needs of the tribe before his own, constantly seeking methods to better the quality of life for all Nezumi.
  • Perfect Name: the chracter dictates what is best for tribe and clan, and the rest follow his lead.


  1. Way of the Ratling, pp. 56-57

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