RPG Meta (AEG)Edit

The following is a list of disadvantages contained in Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game, Third Edition (Please note that this is only a list and the actual mechanical affects will not be given).

Antisocial, Ascetic, Bad Fortune, Bad Health, Bad Reputation, Bad Sight, Benten's Curse, Bitter Betrothal, Black Sheep, Brash, Can't Lie, Cast Out, Colorblind, Compulsion, Contrary, Coward, Cruel, Dark Fate, Dark Secret, Deathseeker, Dependant, Doubt, Driven, Elemental Imbalance, Enlightened Madness, Epilepsy, Fascination, Forced Retirement, Forsaken, Frail Mind, Gaijin Name, Greedy, Grey Woman's Curse, Gullible, Haunted, Hostage, Idealistic, Insensitive, Jealousy, Lame, Lechery, Lost Love, Low Pain Threshold, Meddler, Missing Eye, Missing Limb, Momoku, Nemesis, Obligation, Overconfident, Permanent Wound, Phobia, Rumormonger, Shadowlands Taint, Small, Social Disadvantage, Soft-Hearted, Spoiled, Sworn Enemy, True Love, Unlucky, Vanity, Weakness, Wrath of the Kami

RPG Meta (FFG) Edit

Disadvantages in the Legend of the Five Rings: Roleplaying Game are assigned to a single one of the character's rings, shaping the the vulnerabilities that make them tick. Their types include physical, mental, interpersonal, spiritual, material, injury, and curse. [1]


  1. Legend of the Five Rings: Roleplaying Game (Beta), p. 60

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