The Merchant District of Clear Water Village was home to the many warehouses and stores of the city, as well as the residencies for the merchants of the district.

Centre Square Edit

The centre of the district is dominated by a great square, which is home to among many things a Shrine to Daikoku as well as the annual Yasuki Great Fairs.[1]

Jade Auctions Edit

A unique event to Clear Water Village are the Jade Auctions, held in the Yasuki Auction House in a small house just off from the great square. Here, the Yasuki hold auctions for unique and rare items in exchange for jade; a vital commodity in their fight against the Shadowlands.[1]

Highest Rarity Edit

Within the district, there is only one person that can provide Tea of Jade Petals; Yasuki Fuchiko. She keeps careful notes of any who buy, and what quantities they purchase, so the Kuni can investigate if needed.[1]


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