The Merchant Council was the old decision-making body of Zakyo Toshi. [1]

History Edit

Creation Edit

The Council was created by five merchants who joined forces to found the city and to rule jointly the matters of the city. Membership on the Council was decided on the basis of annual profits. [1]

City of White Halls Edit

In 701 they eventually decided to renovate the city, which was also known as the "city of the White Walls". They had raised capital from several questionable sources. New trade came in, but mostly came from bandits who needed a place to sell the goods and spend the money they had stolen. [2]

Scorpion Rule Edit

In 1170 the Scorpion Clan annexed Zakyo Toshi, and placed Yogo Maiku as governor, to rule the city in place of the Merchant Council. [3]


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