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Mendi-Duad was an ashalan priest and sahir.

Naga Edit

The Naga had reached the Burning Sands becoming an abomination. Mendi-Duad was visited by Katani, Children of Midnight. She believed they were a threat for the Ashalan race, but Mendi-Duad saw them as lesser creatures wich would not bear a true menace. Despite his opinion Katani summoned the Council and Mendi-Duad followed her. The Council decided to levy a curse upon the Naga which would lead in the Naga Abominations. The serpent-like race was contained in such way within the territory which would be known as Rokugan. [1]

Exile Edit

Mendi-Duad decided to leave the City of the Seventh Star and became an exiled of his race. [2]

Keseth Edit

In 1132 Mendi-Duad found a wounded Senpet Sahir in a deserted part of Medinaat al-Salaam. He carried Keseth across the dunes, back to his people, who was carrying an Ivory Box, [3] the Heart of the Immortal Caliph, Hanan Talibah. [4]

Returning home Edit

Eventually Mendi-Duad returned to the City. [2]

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