Mempo of Matsu Hitomi
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Matsu Hitomi
Currently in the possession of: Shrineto Goemon

The Mempo of Matsu Hitomi was once worn by Matsu Hitomi into battle at the side of the Lion forces. She left her armor behind when she betrayed her commander and fled. [1]

Appearance and abilities Edit

It was a golden mask in the form of a lion's jaw, elaborately tooled and covered in small mirrors which caught the sun and shone it into the enemy's eyes. Its wielder enhanced his abilities on kenjutsu, battle, and increased his athletic skills. [1]

Legend Edit

It was said that the spirit of Matsu hitomi would kill any wielder of her mempo who dared to commit a dishonorable act. [1]

Recovered Edit

When Matsu Hitomi returned to the Empire through Oblivion's Gate, she refused to wear the mask. Two members of the Lion's Pride returned with Hitomi's Mempo, having shaven their heads and become nuns. They built a shrine to Goemon, Fortune of Heroes, dedicating it to Hitomi. The mask was placed inside a small case at the foot of a statue of Goemon. [2]


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