Memoirs of an Opium Eater was written by Shiba Shonagon, a woman who lived in Ryoko Owari Toshi.

Contents Edit

Published in 1121, [1] the book was public revealed in 1122 at Ryoko Owari, but it had been published before in other places at Rokugan. [2] It painted a vivid picture of life in the city, giving a glimpse of the Floating World in which she lived and died. It was published anonymously after Shonagon's death, and the editor replaced the real names of the characters for nicknames. Despite it many readers recognized their own actions in the pages, as many friends, public people, or even family members. It became a great scandal in the city, and several copies of the intact edition existed. [3]

Aftermath Edit

Many people whom recognized themselves in the characters suffered after the release of the book.

  • Asako Kinto, Shonagon's uncle, was blamed for her addictions, and his pursuits of "enlightening" were riddiculed.[4] Despite it Kinto inherited the silver smithy Star of Silver, which had been owned by Shonagon. [5]
  • Tomitsu, nicknamed Syrup, was a geisha who was humiliated by the memoirs. Her only course of action to avoid her public mockery was poison.[6]
  • Oko, another geisha, was forced to leave the Licensed Quarter in humiliation after the memoirs revealed she had paid Syrup to bed one of her clients.[6]
  • Yogo Osako's secret love for Shosuro Jocho was exposed. [7]

Shonagon Revealed Edit

It was the actions of Iuchi Sadako that led to Shonagon being revealed as the original author. Using her skills she discovered who the writer was, as well as the real figures behind each of the characters in the story.[8]


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