Below is the list of known Kolat members, sorted by faction affiliation.

Crab Clan Edit

Crane Clan Edit

Dragon Clan Edit

Lion Clan Edit

Mantis Clan Edit

Phoenix Clan Edit

Scorpion Clan Edit

Spider Clan Edit

Unicorn Clan Edit

Imperial Families Edit

Brotherhood of Shinsei Edit

Minor Clans Edit

Ronin Edit

Qolat Edit

Hinin, Heimin Edit

  • Azito Eta. 12th century.
  • Chinoko Geisha. Kolat Master. 12th century.
  • Haruki 2nd century.
  • Ichiin Spy. 12th century.
  • Kado Assassin. 12th century.
  • Kafu Eta torturer. 12th century.
  • Kaouta Kolat Master. 12th century.
  • Kyuwa Merchant. 12th century.
  • Miharuko Geisha. 12th century.
  • Oboro Geisha. 12th century.
  • Shinwa 12th century.
  • Taikon Returned Spirit. 12th century.
  • Tora Founder of the Kolat. Dawn of the Empire.
  • Toki Peasant. 12th century.
  • Yokei Merchant. 5th century.
  • Yazaki 12th century.

Unknown Edit

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