Meiyoko city 2

Meiyoko district

The Meiyoko district was the north-east outer district of Otosan Uchi. [1] After the Scorpion Coup it was known as Mamoru district. [2]

Tenari's Ruin Edit

Yogo Tenari was a district governor who ordered to build a estate beneath an enchanting grove, which one year later was ravaged by an earthquake, killing Tenari and his entire family. [3] The district became to be known as Tenari's Ruin. [4]

Scorpion Coup Edit

In 1123 during the Scorpion Coup the Meiyoko district was taken almost immediately by the Scorpion in the first day of assault, [5] not by the hand of its governor, the young junshin Shosuro Meiyoko, but for one of her advisors, Bayushi Yashino. [6] The Scorpion set the Toyotomi district in flames to flush Lion resistant cells out, and the fire spread, engulfing many heimin homes across the Meiyoko and Hojize districts. [7] In the fourth day the combined forces of the Clans had regained control of the majority of the Outer Districts. Only Tsai, Higshikawa and Meiyoko districts remained under Scorpion control, but they were seized in the fifth day. [8]

After the Coup Edit

The district had been heavily damaged, Haven was utterly destroyed, the Ivy Palace stood, but all its occupants committed jigai, the Mariko Theatre smoldered still. The Maze of Wisdom remained untouched, despite it was attempted to be burned down by the Scorpion in the last day of the Coup, and the ruins of Yogo Tenari's Estate were filled in for reconstruction. [9]

Mamoru district Edit

Yogo Mamoru, advisor to the former governor Shosuro Meiyoko, was appointed as the new governor, and district was known as Mamoru district. The Makoto Wall was completed, lending the district only one open border to another district, the Higshikawa, and the Yogo Tenari's estate was cleared and filled to transform it in a military staging ground. [10]

Notable Locations Edit

The Tenari’s Ruin district covered the northeast corner of the Toshisoto. It was broken up into quarters, and each of them was overseen by gokenin. [4]


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