Meishozo family 
Patron family: Kuni family 
Clan: Crab Clan 
Founded: 8th century [1] 
Daimyo: Meishozo O-Churi

The Meishozo family was a vassal family in service to the Kuni family of the Crab Clan.

Duty Edit

Meishozo could be read as "false face,". Publicly, the Meishozo were responsible for mixing the Kuni's white face makeup. They were used primarily to infiltrate and spy on the Shadowlands. [2] Their mon was a Kuni mask in black. [citation needed]

Origin Edit

In the 8th century the actor Shosuro Akamiru seemed to have acquired the Taint in order to portray villains more convincingly in kabuki plays. He was using Tainted mud in his makeup while protecting himself with a layer of jade paste and a neutral unguent. The Kuni Witch Hunters offered Akamiru his life in exchange for his method. Using these techniques, that included cosmetics simulating physical corruption known as the Meishozo Face Paint, the Meishozo performed near-suicidal mission of infiltrating maho cult cells. [3]

Missions Edit

The Meishozo standard mission was to create a false maho cell to catch the easily tempted. When infiltrating existing maho cells, they posed as an acolyte or a traveling maho-tsukai for just long enough to expose the meeting place and ringleaders. A Meishozo who survived such a mission was considered lucky; one who survived three or more was a legend. [2]

Disbanded Edit

The family voluntarily disbanded in the years before the Clan War, after the scandal provoked by the discovery that Asahina Yajinden had been posing as Meishozo Nisei. The event had raised the possibility that the Meishozo had been counter-infiltrated. They became ronin on a quest to punish those who betrayed the family secrets. In the tumult of the Clan War the Meishozo mission was all but forgotten by Kuni and Bloodspeaker alike. [2]

Reinstated Edit

The Jade Champion Kuni Utagu reinstated the family and appointed Kuni O-Churi as their daimyo. The reformed Meishozo devised a new secret spell, Stench of Taint, to simulate the Taint more effectively. The first Oracle of Jade, Omen, was very protective of the family. [4]

Network Edit

The Meishozo stayed on the move, and used a network of hidden rooms in roadside inns scattered throughout the Crab and Scorpion lands. The inns were identified by a system of secret marks. [5]

Politics Edit

Meishozo Daimyo Edit

The following were the known daimyo of the Meishozo:

Meishozo O-Churi 12th century

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Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
Yajinden impersonated the Emerald Magistrate Meichozo Nisei, a Kuni Witch Hunter. [6] It is assumed that the name is a typo, and should be Meishozo


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