Please note: This article is about the magic used to control the spirit of a person. For other uses of the term, please see Meisho (disambiguation).

Meisho was the name of the magic used to control the spirit of a person as opposed to the spirit of an item. Studies into this had spanned centuries, and could be very difficult and extremely dangerous. It was first discovered by the Isawa Elemental Masters and had since been studied mostly by the Asahina family. [1]

First Theories Edit

The first theories on Meisho were by a Phoenix shugenja named Isawa Hossan. Hossan had believed that the soul every living creature resided in their names, and by learning the true name of every creature one could gain an understanding of the universe to rival that of Shinsei. Hossan's efforts ammounted to little in the end, but were continued by the Agasha Shugenja when they compared his theories with the secret works of Agasha. They slowly began solving Hossan's theory, and although they began to show progress on the theories, they had yet to solve it fully. [2]


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