Meidochi (A21)

Meidochi (A21) was a farming village in Hare lands located in lightly-wooded lands along the River of Gold [1] where the Ujina family conducted most of their business. [2] It was home to over a thousand peasants. [3]

Ujina Holding Edit

Shortly after the establishment of the Ujina family, Meidochi was granted as their own holding, where they might train students in relative seclusion. The Ujina quickly proved that bandits should avoid the village. [4] Ujina Torid-e, the dojo of the Ujina Skirmishers, was located there. [5] It was one of the places where the Tournament of the Minor Clans was held. [6]

Isolated Edit

Meidochi was a minor holding in the most remote region of the Hare lands. It was something of a problem for the Hare until the creation of the Ujina family, who accepted the village as their primary holding. When bandits attacked shortly thereafter, the ten Ujina samurai who lived there slaughtered more than twice their number of bandits while suffering no losses. [7]

Commercial Hub Edit

The village straddled the meeting point of three roads, making it a minor commercial hub, and most of the Hare Clan's trade run through it. The clan maintained a small keep on a hill on the west side of the village. [1]

Destroyer War Edit

During the Destroyer War it was attacked by the forces of Kali-Ma. Initially, the defenders could stand the assault of the Destroyers, but the centre of the Ujina family's power eventually fell. Known defenders are the uruwashii Daigotsu Shimekiri, known as a ronin, who came with his forces, the wave men of Ieyoshi among them. [8] Hitomi Kagetora was instrumental in repelling the first attack. He was given the powers to fight the Destroyers by the moon, the Obsidian Dragon, so that Kagetora could honour its antecessor, Hitomi. [8] Daigotsu Arima, [9] also disguised as a ronin, as was usual for the then outlawed Spider, fought there. Kakita Hideshi [9] and Agasha Kamarou also supported the defending Hare Clan. [10]


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