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Megumi (I) 
Megumi (I) 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1170

Daidoji Megumi was a bushi of the Crane Clan who became an accomplished Kenshinzen duelist in spite of her blindness. She was betrothed to a Horiuchi but later became tainted. [1]

Blind Edit

Megumi was blind, but this drawback did not diminished her dueling ability. Her father was also blind, and her soul feared that her future children would also carry the blindness. [1] She became a Kenshinzen. [2]

Imperial Legionnaire Edit

Megumi earned a rank in the First Imperial Legion, and in 1159 she was stationed on Kyuden Seppun after Toturi Tsudao declared herself as the Empress Toturi II. [1]

Taint Edit

Daidoji Megumi

Daidoji Megumi

In Kyuden Seppun the legionnaires were attacked by the Onisu Hakai and Yokubo. During the fight between Shiba Mirabu and the Onisu, Megumi sacrificed herself to kill Yokubo. The process tainted her, and in her shame she fled to the Shadowlands, and had since joined the Lost. [1]

Seppun Toshiken Edit

In 1160 she was possessed by the restless soul of Dairya when she assassinated Seppun Toshiken in Kyuden Kakita. During the attack she also wounded Kakita Noritoshi and Doji Reju, taking one of Noritoshi's eyes and one of Reju's arms. She was only prevented from killing the two by Toturi Miyako, who used one of Lady Doji's Tears to destroy the Dairya's Cackling Skull which provided her connection with Dairya. Miyako also threatened to use a second tear on Megumi, which caused the duelist to flee. [2]

Quest for the Dark Covenant Edit

In 1170 Megumi came to a yobanjin village to met Chosai, the Dark Oracle of Fire and ally to Daigotsu. She was tasked to find the Dark Covenant of Fire, the item that barred Chosai to enter Rokugan, and that used properly would allow to come back him. The current location was the Sunset Tower. Megumi led a group formed by Lost and entered Rokugan. [3]

Sunset Tower Edit

The Lost slaughtered the Tortoise guards of the Tower, but before they found the nemuranai a small Crane gropu led by Doji Doukohito appeared. While she was locked in combat with Kakita Kensho-in Dragon samurai joined the Battle for Sunset Tower. [3]

Death Edit

Megumi was killed by Kakita Kensho-in, student of Kakita Noritoshi. [3]

External Links Edit

Daidoji Megumi 2

Daidoji Megumi


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