Medium Cavalry

Medium Cavalry

Medium Cavalry were the horse archers, which combined the killing power of the boe with the mobility of the riding horse. The Unicorn Clan used the daikyu while the rest of the clans used the yumi. [1] Their weakness was they lacked the mobility for charge-and-retreat tactics, and they were not capable to overcome fortified positions, even light field barricades. [2]

Equipment Edit

The bushi of these units carried the daisho, the bow, and some units the yari. They were armored except the arm covering and the mempo, which could restrict their field of vision and flexibility. Their horses were only partially armored. [1]

Range attacks Edit

Arcing fire Edit

Arcing the arrows' trajectory, range was increased at the price of accuracy, drawback which was neglected against massed troops. It also allowed the archers to fire over their own advancing infantry. [1]

Volley fire Edit

The entire formation firing at once, bringing a large concentration of archer fire upon enemy units. [1]

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