The Economy of Medinaat al-Salaam was based in the trade, which allowed it to grow and became a megalopolis.

Trade center Edit

The Jewel was equidistant of the four great Empires, the Yodotai, Rokugan, the Senpet, and the Ivory Kingdoms. It was crossed by many trade routes, and the city grew around the merchants that reached it. [1]

Taxes Edit

All the trades within the city had a very low tax, but the volume of trades made this source the most important icome of the Jewel. The warehouses and trade centers formed a black market where the transactions were not taxed, but after the edict of the Sultan Achim II they were owned by the Caliph. [1]

Supply center Edit

The city was located in an alluvial plain, near rock quarries, so it could supply food, water, and building material. [2]


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