Mayu, most known as "Eyebrows" was a mortician eta of Ryoko Owari Toshi. He was the chief cop and protege of the Leatherworker community's leader, Raspy. [1] He was an herbalist and surgeon for the Leatherworkers, and also had some status within their fire-fighting league. [2]

Torturer Edit

Eyebrows worked for the Emerald Magistrate of the city, Isawa Choyo, and her successor Matsu Shigeko. He used a false kindness with his victims, and many of them surrendered to confese their crimes. Eyebrows was very skilled to gain information from observing a dead body, or which weapon had caused a wound. [3]

Ashidaka Naritoki Edit

The next magistrate, Ashidaka Naritoki, seemed honest and upright at first. Eyebrows gradually came to realize it was all a same, masking self-interest and greed. He discussed the matter with Raspy, and they agreed that the opium situation could only get worse as long as Naritoki was in charge. So Eyebrows decided to kill Naritoki. [4]

Murderer Edit

In 1122 Eyebrows and several leatherworkers sabotaged Naritoki's carriage with flammable pitch. Eyebrows approached True Word and sprayed his eyes with vinegar and lye, and cut him down. The carriage was torched and Naritoki was kept inside at spearpoint until his death. [4]


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