Born: Unknown 
Titles: Member of the Council of Twelve

Maymun was the first Ashalan Sandsmith and Sahir.

Quest Edit

After the Day of Wrath four powerful nemuranai were scattered in the Burning Sands, [1] the Bahiya, recipes that contained missing souls from the Ashalan who would trigger the Awakening, as the prophecy told. [2] Maymun sought them. [3]

Sandsmither Edit

Maymun and Khadja discovered how to master the sandsmithing. They performed a complex ritual which used fire to purify the sand, becoming crysteel. Other sahir attempted to copy them, but the product broke easily. It was found that the crysteel reflected the soul of the smithers, and only those with patience and care could forge it. [4]

Goddess Edit

In 332 Maymun built a crystal tomb for the Goddess Shinjo in the City of the Seventh Star. Powerful enchantments and spells were placed, so when the time would come, the Awakening would free her, and also release the jinn of the Qanon from their human hosts, which would be instrumental in the defeat of the Jinn Lord Kaleel after its return. [5]

Avatars Edit

In 1130 Maymun began to train one of the avatar, Moto Kara in the hidden City of the Seventh Star, [6] after the Moto Clan had been defeated by the Senpet. [7] Kara had been identified as one of the four Avatars. In 1132, with the other avatars Shosuro Tage the Scorpion, Amru the Qabal, and Zahra the Ebonite, they were called upon at the Awakening to release Shinjo from her imprisonment in the Fallen Star. [2]

Council Edit

Only three ensouled Ashalan remained, and Maymun filled a void post of the Council of Twelve. [8]

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