Matsu no Kin-iro Oyoroi
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Matsu
Currently in the possession of: Unused at Shiro Matsu

The Golden Armor of the Matsu Family was and armor wore by Matsu herself.

Appearance Edit

The armor was an O-Yoroi breastplate, with black-lacquered haidate, kusazuri, and sode, laced together with threads that looked like spun gold. The do-o seemed a single sheet of brushed gold. The helm was made from black plates, with a crown of layered gold. The snarling lion mempo also resembled gold. [1]

Abilities Edit

The wearer was morer resistant against hostile spells, was capable of speech, but it preferred to communicate telepathically with its wearer. It imbued fear in the Matsu's enemies. [2]

Craft Edit

The armor was commissioned by Akodo to create a suit of armor for Matsu in an attempt to woo her, but she spurned the gift. After her marriage Matsu swore fealty to the Lion and accepted it. Matsu left it behind at Shiro Matsu on the first Day of Thunder. [1]

Wearers Edit

Several Matsu Daimyo had worn the armor, but not all of them. Those who might wear the armor simply knew that it was theirs to wear. [1]


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