Matsu Yukari 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Seven un-named children

Matsu Yukari was a samurai-ko of the Lion Clan.

Second Rise of Iuchiban Edit

Yukari fought in the Battle of Sleeping River against the undead forces of Iuchiban. The battle left her with a seething hatred of the undead, as well as a lifetime's worth of experience in how to fight them. [1]

Legacy Edit

Yukari volunteered to hunt undead in the Empire since the battle, bore seven children, and died of old age. She imparted her wisdom to her descendants, [1] as Matsu Aoiko and Matsu Gohei. She was honored with a statue in the Hall of Ancestors for her courage. Friend to Hida Kisada while he was in Yomi, and he said she was "Possessed of a cunning tactical mind as well as a sharp wit." [2]


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