Matsu Yorinobu was a bushi of the Lion Clan and son of the governor of Kaeru province, one of the generals who took the city from the Crane Clan. When he inherited the province from his father, Yorinobu enlisted the services of Ikoma Harunaga, an experienced politician and administrator, to govern Kaeru Toshi. In 1159 their extensive network of spies and informants watched for instigators and local conspirators in the still rebellious Captured City. Yorinobu enforced severe edicts to tame the locals. [1]

Kidnapped Edit

In 1159 Daidoji Harriers had been sneaking into the city, poisoning the Lion army's food and water supplies. They destroyed the municipal offices, the city's main gate, and fires were set at impor­tant points throughout the city. Harunaga was kidnapped by the Harriers, and the city erupted in chaos, while a Crane army was approaching. A group of samurai aided the Lion to retain the control. [1]


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