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Matsu Toshiro

Matsu Toshiro

Matsu Toshiro was a Samurai of the Lion Clan during the Clan War.

Family Edit

He was the oldest son in a lesser family of Matsu and a nikutai in the Lion army. [1]

Otosan Uchi Edit

Toshiro lived at Otosan Uchi prior to the Scorpion Coup. [2]

Clan Wars Edit

Fighting Maho-Tsukai Edit

Toshiro once fought against a small Shadowlands raiding party. He followed their retreating Maho-tsukai into a series of caves but failed to return. When others eventually found him, he was lying next to the body of his opponent in a pool of tsukai blood, apparently unhurt. He did regain consciousness but never spoke of what happened.

Since then he found that he was able to make his soldiers howl like oni and shriek like death itself. The sounds are so fearsome that many opponents scatter before his unit, allowing him to rout and destroy them. Although he was tested several times for taint, none was ever detected. It was suspected that these sounds came from nightmares about whatever the maho-tsukai did to him. Toshiro still had a keen eye for battle but his reputation was built mostly on his ability to cause enemy units to break before engaging them. [3]

Battle for Doji Palace Edit

Toshiro was under the command of Matsu Agetoki during the Fall of Kyuden Doji. The Lion had been ordered by the Emperor to stand aside of the fight, seeing how the Crane defenders were decimated by the Shadowlands forces led by the False Hoturi. [4]

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